Over the Wall Fashion Show by Universidad Creativa

Every year Universidad Creativa does a presentation for the students of Fashion Design to show thir talent. This year the opportunity to show the designs was given to 17 students and five graduates. «Over the Wall»  was the chosen theme, which has the objective of generating conscience about current social problems in Costa Rica.  Through the designs we can see a strong critique of racism, xenophobia, male chauvinism and violence.

Check out our list of the top seven designers and their collections:

Collection «To offer my heart» (Rony Vargas): The collection is full of details with a high amount of meanings. Unions, knots, crafts, traditions and colors join to compose elegant and entertaining contemporary suits.

Collection «Magic Passion» (Sylvia Gomez Rojas): Inspired in Frida Khalo, the red and golden tone represent the work of the artist, characterized by passion and sensuality. The style includes ties to represent masculinity.

Collection «Movement» (Gimena Ramirez): Represents several organic elements of the marine environment, which carry the meaning of the destructuration of the myth of the mermaids.

Collection «Delighted Serenity” (Alejandra Flores “Fruela”): The concept inspired by the work of Architect Luis Barragán. He works in a subtle way where the spaces and the use of the colors work in a monotonous way. The idea is to transmit this in the collection and to project the simplicity, symmetry and the use of pastel colors.

Collection «Boyacá» (Marianela Sandí):  Inspired in the Colombian emeralds, catalogued as worldwide quality gems. This one is reflected by the cuts and stamping of the form of this precious stone giving a touch of luxury and elegance. The color and manual work represent Boyacá city’s crafts and unique infrastructure.

Collection “Déjà vu” (Ingrid Alvarado): Inspired by the work of the British artist Abigail Reynolds, who creates collages from photographies, magazines and other materials. It shows different perspectives of the same scene across the time.

 Thesis Collection «Mrs. Capone» (Jennifer Jiménez): Inspired by the gangsters, a masculine figure of high ego. A woman personafies this character, highlighting a sensual and feminine side.


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