Pilsen: beyond #Movember

Pilsen takes up the ambitious remodeling of the hematology department at the Mexico Hospital

The #Movember campaign by Pilsen 2019 reinforces its commitment to the Mexico Hospital, with a project that will impact nearly 15,000 people who travel year by year through the Hematologyoncology department , where hemophiliac and cancer patients are treated. Existing facilities will be demolished to give life to a new infrastructure that allows better service to patients and professionals. The investment amounts to the US $120,000.

Therefore, the project will have a total of six duly equipped offices for patients, all in agreement with the 7600 law of universal accessibility. There will also be an office for a bone sampling procedure, a meeting room, a staff bathroom, a warehouse for disposables and another for material sterile. A new headquarters for hemophilia area will also be created with an extra satisfactory size.

This remodeling, as a result, will come to alleviate the distribution of patients and staff in an efficient way.

Dr. Marco Williams, head of the Hematology-oncology section of Hospital México

#Movember by Pilsen

#Movembre by Pilsen is a movement for five years has been developing actions to raise public consciousness about the prevention and promoting prostate exams. Also, they promote campaigns so that people can donate and participate, for example, in concerts where a percentage of the tickets go to the Hospital Mexico renovations and the same for the buying Pilsen beer at all points of sale in the country.

This renovation closes a very important cycle for #Moviembre by Pilsen, since last year the objective of achieving this remodeling will undoubtedly bring so many benefits to the health and care of patients. As a result, the Hospital shows that the decrease in people killed by prostate cancer continues with the prevention messenger, as it shows greater awareness and early detection of the disease.

Gisela Sánchez, director of Corporate Relations at FIFCO.

You still have time to collaborate!

November doesn’t end so you can contribute, with the purchase of promotional Pilsen at AM PM stores in Costa Rica and La Tienda de la Birra in Heredia.

You can sign up for the Pilsen Squad volunteer day if you are of overage and join the events announced during November.

  • Grupo Financiero BAC Credomatic made its platform available for attracting resources of social good “Yo Me Uno“, which allows donating online.
  • Grupo Gessa made available the boxes in Supercompro, Perimercados, Saretto and Turribásico you can donate from ¢ 500 and up to ¢ 2,000 colones.
  • You can donate through Uber Eats.

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