Christmas with Café Britt

Gifts that will make you look good in any secret Santa.

Christmas is a time of sweets, homemade, handmade and industrial that accompany us with their flavors and aromas during the festivities. Café Britt claims a wide variety of artisans and gourmet chocolates for these festive seasons.

Introducing its products creating innovation for this era which a box of chocolates would not hurt anyone. This month’s recommendation is the metal boxes with Peppermint Bar chocolates, which have a spectacular taste on the palate.

Besides the majestic and varied selection of chocolates that are for sale, they offer us their Christmas tree-mini chocolates with a spectacular filling. This could be an extra detail for that special person on these holidays.


Café Britt has that stuffed chocolate with eggnog is perfect to finger-licking good, take a bite and let it melt, feel how it melts in your mouth, notice the different phases of flavor, feel the velvety, silky texture, emerging new nuances

If you want to impress this Christmas, chocolate never fails, Café Britt offers us different products in Multiplaza Escazú for these holidays.

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